3 Circumstances Where You Will Need To Hire a Skip Bin


It is your responsibility to keep your home clean and free from trash at all times. Most people use the regular garbage bin service where the waste is collected every week. The method is effective for the management of regular household trash from the kitchen. However, the small bins might not work when you have larger volumes of waste to manage.

Skip bins are a better alternative for large waste volumes. They come in larger sizes, and you can choose the one whose capacity suits your needs. The important thing is to figure out when the regular bins will not serve your purpose and look for a skip. Here are three circumstances when the skip will be ideal.

During a Home Renovation

Renovation is an extensive process. It typically starts with tearing down all the old and outdated parts of your house. Demolition produces waste such as old bits of wood, old upholstery, carpets, appliances, floorboards, cabinets, and even demolished concrete. Since you cannot put this waste inside a regular bin, you have to hire a skip bin.

Tell the rental company that you need to remove construction waste, and they will bring the appropriate skip. They will also give you a quotation for the cost of removal, transportation, and disposal in the permitted landfills.

During a Spring Cleaning

Winter can be long and vicious. During the cold months, you are likely to accumulate a lot of clutter in the home. You are also less likely to clean your home thoroughly because the weather does not allow it. By the time spring comes around, your home will need a major decluttering.

When clearing all these old items from the house and garage, you can hire a skip bin. It will give you the best support in clearing out everything that you no longer need.

During a Garden Cleanup

Garden waste fills up the regular wheelie bin very fast. The dead plants, weed, debris, and other garbage cannot be disposed of using the regular way. If you have not weeded, maintained, and cleared your garden in a while, it is advisable to hire a skip bin for a gardening day. 

You will collect everything together in one bin, and have the opportunity to get everything done in one day.

Call a skip bin rental company close to you and ask them what their charges are. When you describe the volume of waste you need to manage, they will provide the perfect skip size for the function.


5 January 2021

What to Know Before Hiring Garbage Bins

Garbage bins are essential tools for collecting and removing rubbish from residential and commercial properties. But not everyone is well-versed with how to use them. Although we’re not a rubbish removal service, we understand that there are different types of bins and that each is designed with a specific purpose in mind. We’ve taken the liberty to look into the various kinds of garbage bins available so we can provide reliable information on what you need to know before hiring one. Stick around to find out the bin type you will require for your rubbish removal, how to maximise the use of the bin, what to put and not put in it, tips for saving money on your bin hire service, and so much more.