Insights Into Hiring a Skip Bin for a Residential Landscaping Project


Hiring a skip bin can be cost-effective when you need a one-off waste collection solution. During a landscaping project, such as mowing a residential yard, you are likely to generate a lot of garbage. Hiring a skip bin that meets your needs is the best alternative to dealing with rubbish from a landscaping job. This article offers tips for hiring a skip bin during a landscaping project.

Why Hire A Skip Bin

Doing a thorough landscaping project is enough trouble for some homeowners. You don't want to make the task overwhelming by taking the waste to a nearby landfill. Therefore, hiring a skip bin can save you from such trouble, especially if a service provider agrees to collect the waste. It might cost you extra for such a service, but the option is very convenient. Also, skip bin hire is an eco-friendly solution to waste management as opposed to other methods such as crude burning or indiscriminate disposal. Therefore, apart from protecting the environment, hiring a skip bin protects a homeowner from fines associated with poor solid waste management.

Get the Right Size

Skip bins are available in different sizes to suit specific project requirements. However, choosing the right skip bin size is no easy task, especially for novices. There is no one-size-fits-all method of determining the ideal skip bin for your garbage needs. However,  you can use a few techniques to estimate the size of a skip bin for a residential landscaping project. The wheelie bin method attempts to approximate the amount of waste generated relative to a standard bin, which is usually 240 litres. It is estimated that four wheelie bins full of garbage are equivalent to 1 cubic metre of a skip bin. Therefore, estimate the amount of waste (in "wheelie bins") that you are likely to generate during a residential landscaping project. After that, use the figure to determine the size of skip bin required (in cubic metres) as explained above. Besides, a skip bin service provider can also help you to determine the right skip bin size.

How to Use a Skip Bin

Although it might seem a no-brainer to use a hired skip bin, beginners may benefit from a few tips. First, you should never utilise a skip to the point of overfilling it. The move might lead to accidental disposal of waste en route to a landfill, which can attract heavy fines. Second, you should know how long you intend to use a skip bin. Most companies charge on an hourly or daily rate. Therefore, it means that the longer you keep a bin, the more expensive it becomes. Lastly, avoid disposing of everything in a bin because some toxic and hazardous items, such as oil and chemicals, are prohibited.

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7 May 2020

What to Know Before Hiring Garbage Bins

Garbage bins are essential tools for collecting and removing rubbish from residential and commercial properties. But not everyone is well-versed with how to use them. Although we’re not a rubbish removal service, we understand that there are different types of bins and that each is designed with a specific purpose in mind. We’ve taken the liberty to look into the various kinds of garbage bins available so we can provide reliable information on what you need to know before hiring one. Stick around to find out the bin type you will require for your rubbish removal, how to maximise the use of the bin, what to put and not put in it, tips for saving money on your bin hire service, and so much more.