A Couple of Reasons To Consider Skip Bin Hire While Social Distancing


Although a good number of people are familiar with the use of skip bins, most tend to think that these garbage receptacles are only suited for substantial waste disposal, such as when eliminating construction debris from a commercial site. The reality, though, is that skip bins come in a variety of sizes. Therefore, they are suited to a range of projects, irrespective of the scope!

With the current global isolation, you may find yourself with a substantial amount of free time on your hands, and this makes this the ideal time to tackle tasks that you have been putting off simply because you do not want to deal with all the clutter involved! If you are looking to keep somewhat busy during these unprecedented times, here are just two reasons why you should consider skip bin hire while social distancing.

Skip bin hire to clear out your garage

If you have been living in the same house for several years, your garage has likely transformed into a storage area for items that are no longer of use to you, or their technology has become obsolete. Although this area does help with ensuring that the inside of your home is not overrun with clutter, it is easy for your garage to become unusable. Now is the ideal time to start uncluttering the garage and permanently getting rid of everything that is no longer useful to you!

Most skip bin providers will dispose of traditional waste items such as broken furniture, sports equipment, leftover construction supplies and so on. However, if you need hazardous materials to be eliminated, such as old paint or car batteries, you need to inform the skip bin provider in advance so that they can take precautionary measures to avoid chemical exposure.

Skip bin hire to landscape your residence

Having to self-isolate does not mean that you should deprive yourself of fresh air and sunshine. Nonetheless, not all homeowners are privileged enough to have a backyard where they can laze around in and soak up some sun. If you have a sprawling yard, it has likely started to be overrun by overgrown grass, weeds and more, as your local gardener would be self-isolating too. With extra free time available to you, one has the option of enjoying the outdoors will simultaneously improving upon its appearance!

You can hire a garden skip bin, which is designed specifically for green waste. Once you mow the grass, all you need to do is transfer the cut blades into the skip. The same goes for the weeds, trimmed shrubbery and even pruned tree limbs! Furthermore, you can take your time with this landscaping project, as you have the option of hiring the garden skip for a week or more depending on your needs.


22 April 2020

What to Know Before Hiring Garbage Bins

Garbage bins are essential tools for collecting and removing rubbish from residential and commercial properties. But not everyone is well-versed with how to use them. Although we’re not a rubbish removal service, we understand that there are different types of bins and that each is designed with a specific purpose in mind. We’ve taken the liberty to look into the various kinds of garbage bins available so we can provide reliable information on what you need to know before hiring one. Stick around to find out the bin type you will require for your rubbish removal, how to maximise the use of the bin, what to put and not put in it, tips for saving money on your bin hire service, and so much more.